Central KY Portable Sawmill                    Custom Wood Flooring

On site custom milling

Welcome to Central Kentucky Sawmill Services.  Our portable sawmill service transforms your logs into lumber that can be used for a wide array of projects.  Among the many benefits of portable sawmilling, turning your own timber to useable lumber costs much less than the retail price of lumber at your local hardware store.  Portable sawmills are less destructive on your land and the environment compared to stationary mills. For example:

  • No expensive and destructive roads need to be constructed
  • No big machines/tractors to pull logs out of forest.
  • I also offer selective logging and hauling. With the use of a bobcat I can bring youre logs to a central location or haul them to my mill and cut them there, then bring the lumber back.

I can now offer custom made wood flooring.
I will take youre logs, turn them into wood flooring cut to the size you want. I also have a large selection of wood on my place and can make wood flooring from my logs.

We would be more than happy to talk with you about your timber, answer any questions that you may have about our services, or just talk about timber and portable sawmilling.  You can contact us @ 502-382-8035 
I also can pickup and deliver for 1 dollar a mile or cheaper in some cases.
We are located in central Kentucky but travel to all surrounding states or further.  

Video one personal sawmilled lumber