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Call us with some of the information about your location and timber and we will get you a rough estimate over the phone. We would like to get an idea of the species of logs you have and how big they are. Ill also need to know if you want the logs squared into timbers, plain sawn or quarter sawn, prices for all of these make a difference on the estimate. 



We can make a  site visit to the property at no cost (within 50 miles) to check things out. I prefer the logs be stacked or at least in the same area and turned in the same direction for easy handling. If we have to cut down trees and move logs, that will be factored into your estimate.  After our visit or talking with you we will be able to give you an exact estimate. The only thing that will change in the estimate is if there is unexpected cleanup or moveing of the saw, or hitting metal. Other than that the price stay the same wether it takes me 2 hours or 2 days.


Cutting day

After scheduling  a day to saw that is best for us (and you if you would like to be there to watch or help), we'll bring the mill to the site and begin sawing your lumber! Please remember, you are only charged for the boards we cut and not an hourly rate, so we can cut two boards an hour or two hundred and it doesnt change our the cost. Ill need a place close by to stack the lumber and in some cases the buyer likes to have me bring stickers to seperate the boards to aid in drying. Let is know before hand of you need stickers as there is a small fee.


Finishing and cleanup

After the sawing is finished, there will be a pile of scraps from the timbers and a lot of sawdust. We remove these, for a fee, which will be in the estimate. If not they are yourse to do as you like. The scraps make great firewood. After site clean up  we'll make a list of what boards were cut. After the buyer is satisfied we will be on our way and you will be left with quality lumber milled from your own timbers!






You need me to come to you and cut 5 ash logs 16in diameter and 12 foot long and you have 2 oak trees needing to be dropped and sawn up also, you want them plainsawn into 1in boards. I give you an estimate on the phone of 

-40 dollars for cutting the oak into cutable logs and moving them to the cutting site, 2 hours

-Ash logs equal 130 board feet each so thats 650 board feet of soft lumber, estimate would be 55 dollars per log so 275 $ for final est.

-2 oaks 20in diam 15 feet long equal 260 baord feet each so 520 board feet and hard lumber, estimate would be 100 per log 200 $ final.

=total estimate is 515 dollars. On the international scale of the boards ill get out of a straight log these sizes the cost is 40 cents per board foot of what you will get.     1210 board foot estimate


After the job the ash and oak logs produced 30% more lumber than i expected, which is usually the case, so you got

-2 hours of labor 40 dollars

-720 board feet of ash for 275 dollars

-570 board feet of oak 200 dollars

-Final bill is 515 dollars and you get 1290 board feet


Dried and  at retail price, this lumber (if you had to buy it) would cost 2500 dollars or more. youre getting green lumber at .30-.40 cents a board foot, at lowe's the same boards (dried and planed of coarse) will cost 2-5 dollars a baord foot or more.