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On site custom milling

                                                                 Base Pricing

Prices will be different for different cuts because larger boards take fewer cuts to make, obviously. Smaller cuts take more time and more cuts, this wears the blade faster and  causes more time handling the logs. Base price is for a full inch board and will vary from there. Also base price is for live sawn boards and someone to help me unload the lumber.

Logs should be stacked so that I can pull the mill beside them for loading, if not there will be an hourly fee charged for moveing logs.


Referance-4/4 equals 1 inch, 6/4 is an inch and half

These prices are based on 1 inch cuts or larger, any cuts smaller (3/4, 1/2) will add more to the price as we have to make more cuts in the log to get a final product. 

We will come to youre property measure the logs and give an estimate on what we will charge for the job. Straight logs are the best but I have ran into alot of curved logs that  customers wants sawn, It will take me longer to cut the log because of the bow and get less lumber and if I charge by the board foot I find im waisting my time for the pay for a curved log. In the end  the price for the job will usually equal 35-45 cents per board foot, unless you have alot of curved logs. This results in the same charge but less board feet cut. A small curve can turn a 50 dollar log into a 15 dollar log fast.

   We can also do this over the phone and if you like the estimate it will be adjusted ounce we get to the property if the logs are different from what the caller said. 

But if I give an estimate and it changes when i get there and you are not happy I will ask for a small fuel fee to cover the travel if you are more than an hour away from my location. 


  If the job is less than 600 board feet, which equals 6-8 large logs. I will have to adjust the price to make up for our travel and time for such a small job. Example-If you had 6 logs 20' wide and 12 feet long Id give an estimate at 30 dollars per log to cut which at the end of the day would give me 180 dollars. If I have 2 hours to travel there and 2 hours back, with a helper to load logs that would give me 100 dollars after expenses at the end of the day, I can stay home and make 3 times that so id adjust the price.......40 dollars per log that would make it 240 dollars, after expenses I make 180-200 for that day. So If you have a smaller job you might consider getting a few more logs to make it worth youre while.

For real small logs 10" or less in diameter there will be a minimum of 25 dollars per log fee. or less than 6' long.


Delivering the logs to our site- We will still be chargeing per log but it will be cheaper as I can take my time in doing the job. The only time I raise the price is if I have to deliver the lumber. If a log would cost 30 dollars to cut if I travel it will cost 20-25 at my house.


Stickers to stack 500 board feet of lumber- 20-30 dollars


Cutting, hauling, trimming trees to saw-60 dollars an hour for 2 workers or 40 an hour for myself. This also applies if the logs are not beside my mill and I have to cut or move the logs to get them to my mill.



Removeing sawdust and mill scraps from the site- 20 dollars per hour to load and clean up.


All prices will be determined before we start sawing and we'll give an exact estimate on the job, the only thing that is hard to determine will be the amount of board feet because a bandsaw mill will cut more logs than other mills due to its thin blade. An estimated 30 board job usually ends up being 40 boards at the end.


We accept cash or check.

Kiln drying

I now can handle up to 1000 board feet of space to dry youre wood, I do this at 50 cents per board foot. If youre wood is at 12-15% moisture it takes 2-4 weeks to take it down to 6-8%. I can also air dry it if you dont have room for the wood.